Garden History

Bird Mural


The  bird mural at Albert’s gate is by Belgian street artist, ROA, who is recognized for his use of wildlife imagery that is usually inspired by the local environment.

The Ramones 1976

The Ramones had posed in 1976 for Roberta Bayley, a staff photographer for Punk magazine, “against the brick wall of a community garden around the corner from CBGB’s.” The photo initially appeared in Punk, and later became one of the most recognizable album covers ever. Music enthusiasts from all over the world often make a pilgrimage to visit this same wall, back by the fishpond, today.

Albert Eisenlau

Albert O. Eisenlau, Jr.

Albert’s Garden was named for this founding member who began transforming a plot of derelict land in the early 1970s. He was joined by neighbors Louise Kruger, Ben Wohlburg and others who took over after he moved West.

History of Albert’s Garden – work-in-progress researched and compiled (with the help of present and past garden members) by EJay Sims, 2016-17

Louise Kruger Interview – Grace Tankersley, Community Gardens of the East Village, c. 2009 (out of print)

Albert’s Garden – poem by Marchia Newfield dedicated to Louise Kruger, 2003

We are seeking more information about any of the early members and also photos of the garden throughout the years, so if you know anything or have anything you would be willing to share, please get in touch with us through our  Contact Us page.

Community Garden in the East Village